My newest addiction. Writing reviews for products!

There are so many sites out there that send you products on the cheap or even FREE, in exchange for your honest un-biased opinion. It’s a win-win! I get free/cheap products, and I get to practice my writing skills (as i’ve begun an exercise to write 1000 words a day).

Reviewsio is a new kid on the block. You can sign up and get started instantly! You choose which products you’d like to review, and the seller reaches out to you with a promo code, to receive the product for dirt cheap/free. All they would like in return is an honest review. Seems simple enough! I will provide an update once I actually complete the reviewing cycle.

the pumpkin patch

apologies for not blogging in forever. i was caught up with family + work + making money i forgot what it was like to relax. :)

we decided to take our girl to the pumpkin patch last week. we went during a weekday it wasn’t busy at all. i remember going a couple years back though and it was pure chaos. kids running around, wagons bumping into shins, long lines…etc. etc. i’m glad we chose to skip the mob this year.

i finally remembered to bring my camera! i always forget! i need to bring that thing more often. our little girl is growing up so fast!


larry aranias

husband to my humble, kind-hearted lola, and father to my pops, larry aranias is one of my heros. i’ve never met him before, nor do i know much about him, but he is proof that creativity runs in my blood.

when i was a young girl, my pops had a hand drawn picture of 3 people sitting portrait-style on his cork board. curious, i asked him who the people in the drawing were, and he told me it was him, my lola (grandma), and his brother that passed before i could meet him. i asked him who drew it, and he told me my lolo (grandpa) did. i thought it was so cool that my lolo was an artist. he was probably my first creative inspiration.

my dad then told me to go and wash my hands, and when i got back, he was holding a tabloid sized manila folder with the words “SCRAPBOOK of Larry Aranias” handdrawn on the front. There was also a drawing of what looked to be a landscape in the philippines (palm trees, sunset, sand and water), decorated with flowers and flourishes. The folder looked weathered.

Inside the folder, there were drawings/watercolor paintings of landscapes on art paper. As we went through the art one by one, I felt such a connection to my lolo. It blew my mind that he actually drew/painted the pictures, and i was actually touching something of the past. We came across one particular piece that had a poem inscribed on a scroll. I was too young to understand, but I asked about it. My pops told me that my lolo was dying of tuberculosis when he wrote it. He told me he was feeling very alone because he had to be under quarantine as they thought tuberculosis to be contagious. It all made sense, as his works were mostly of epic landscapes that feel lonely, and happy moments that were probably drawn from memory.

I want to share the poem with you, to celebrate his life, and art. By sharing this story, his memory will be honored even for the minute you take to read it.

girls love beyonce

damn straight.

bout that green life


so since i can’t commit to spending time in the gym on the regular, (it’s a love/hate relationship), i’m trying to clean up my diet. (yes! trying to cut back on the sugar intake) so i’m taking the initiative to drink a green drink daily. (if you know me, you know i don’t really do veggies) Here’s the mix i’ve been juicing daily.

  • bunch of kale
  • celery stalks
  • parsley
  • fuji apples
  • ginger
  • cucumber
  • lemon

and this is what it looks like on the other end of the juicer…

when my husband was juicing when i was pregnant, the very look of the stuff make me want to toss my cookies. here i am about a year later, guzzling the green to kickstart my natural energy!

anyone have any juicing tips (like how to get all the kale juiced without spitting into the trash compartment) or recipes, (i’ve been experimenting with whatever I find on the web) leave me a comment! I’d love to try your fave blend. :)

keep it trill.

What’s up internet! I’ve had a digital epiphany. I was planning to buy another domain to share/post about things other than design that interest me. But I figured, why can’t I post it on my own website? When I first started this blog (as you can tell, i’ve been kind of sucking at blogging here!) I was so hesitant to post anything because I didn’t want people in the industry to judge me. But seriously, now that I’ve been away from the industry a couple months, I’ve realized I was taking everything too seriously. I didn’t post drunk pics on instagram in fear that my boss would see, or I wouldn’t post random things on my blog because I was afraid people that visited wouldn’t take me or my work seriously. I believed I was to radiate a certain type of internet persona that was a very censored version of myself. I mean, I know I’m not supposed to reveal it all, but I just wanna keep it real. Whether it be on the internet or real life.

So here’s my first promise to the internet, to always keep it trill.

This little piece of the internet, is not only my place to share my work among colleagues, it’ll also be a place to share my inspirations, works in progress, side projects, thoughts, among friends and family. It’s hard to find me these days, (being busy with Alyssa), but you can always find me here. :)


I’ve been researching letterpress HARD these days. I’m planning to make my own letterpress business cards in the near future. I’ll be using the Raleway font that’s oh so crispy/beautiful/thin. I wasn’t sure if it was going to look good with letterpress, so I decided to google some examples. Here they are:




it’s official! I’ll be sending in my order for polymer plates tomorrow. :)

urban outlaw


This was such a beautifully shot video piece I tweeted last week I had to share and bookmark.

Browser Blur


Just like parallaxing planes within the browser, I think this can be just as powerful. Blurring the planes within the browser with just the pull of a mouse wheel.



These comps are a result of an exercise I gave myself on design, ux, and concepting. It’s an app to keep track of timekeeping on different projects.